Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well at least Prestyn likes it.......
My sister gave us some snow suit pants that fit perfectly on prestyn.
Prestyn loves to be outside so now that it's cold and wet he doesn't get
a lot of play time outside. Today Unarra went out to shovel so we decided
that we would bundle him up to see how he liked the snow...... as you
can see he LOVED it! We sat him in a big pile and he had a grin from ear
to ear.... every time I picked him up he would wiggle his way back down so
he could sit in it. then he wanted to start walking around with help from me
since the snow went up to his thighs of course he didn't want to walk in the
clear path that is daddy made for us he wanted to go strait into the piles of snow.
When I started getting cold we went inside he wasn't too happy with this. I
opened up the blinds so he could just sit and watch the snow and his dad.
To bad the snow is wet and cold or he could just play out there all day and be